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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [jelly] Building 1.0-RC1
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:30:58 GMT
On 22 Nov 2004, at 04:55, Brett Porter wrote:

> Jelly doesn't have an Ant build file AFAIK, which this documentation 
> assumes.

documenting the mavenized process has been awaiting a volunteer for a 
long time now :)

> Reading through those documents, Maven's prepare/perform release cycle 
> does
> every step except for PGP signing which I do manually for distribution 
> releases
> but is a planned feature (and obviously the sanity checks that things 
> ended up
> in a certain web server).
> Some newer stuff may not be setup for Jelly (like being able to use
> announcement:mail to mail the announcement if you are happy with what 
> was in
> changes.xml).
> This document covers the process:
> I am currently rewriting the Maven documentation and will make this a 
> bit more
> general so it can be used for other Maven projects.

cool :)

it'd be useful if anchors were available in the maven documentation for 
other projects to link to. that way, it should be an easy job just to 
add links to the corresponding steps for mavenized components.

- robert

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