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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [general] Updating the Commons common web site
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 15:12:02 GMT

Martin Cooper wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 22:17:04 -0500, Mark R. Diggory
> <> wrote:
>>I'd verify that if you upload the tar.gz file to minotaur, tar -zxvf it
>>and see if it expands properly. Theres no requirement in the site:deploy
>>method that the file open in Winzip.
> Yes, I realise that. However, the .tar.gz file is 45 bytes long. I
> really, really doubt that it contains all of the files needed for the
> web site... ;-)

First, it will only contain the top level site. When I use Maven 1.0 I 
get a tar ball 179 kb containing all the top level html pages.

>>`maven site:deploy` will publish the tar to the site on minotaur
>>appropriately, you do not have to upload it by hand. There are chances
>>that with newer versions of Maven, that the site build is breaking.
> I'm sure that works if you can ever get your keys or whatever it is
> set up so that ssh doesn't want to ask for a password. I have never
> managed to get that working, and nobody has been able to explain to be
> - in plain English - what I need to do to get it working.

Sounds like your trying to do the build on a Windoz box. I'm always 
frustrated by this as well, its a problem with the cmd shell and Java, 
not so much Maven. Reguardless, eventually I setup keys to handle the 
damn problem. The best option I've found is to use a *nix box to do the 

> Regardless, even if Maven managed to upload the 45 bytes, I still
> don't think we'd have the site updated properly. ;-)

true, which version of Maven are you using. Granted I havn't tested the 
build on anything newer than 1.0

>>the docs folder is old and I believe the build.xml file in the top level
>>dir is there because Craig uses it to do nightly builds. I wouldn't
>>attempt building the site using this file, you end up creating a mess.
> OK. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the Maven build in
> commons-build to create the right .tar.gz for uploading / deploying?

You might try setting arguments to the scp/ssh executable to include 
your username/passwd

I'll hold off on updating the site, why don't you try to get maven to 
handle your credentials.


>>Martin Cooper wrote:
>>>The wiki page on promoting projects indicates that certain files need
>>>to be updated for the Commons common pages, but doesn't indicate how
>>>to build those pages. I've been trying to figure it out, but my
>>>attempts have so far failed.
>>>Here's what I tried:
>>>1) The Maven build in commons-build seems to generate the right HTML
>>>pages. However, the resulting .tar.gz file doesn't contain those pages
>>>(and in fact, WinZip thinks it's corrupt). So attempting to deploy
>>>from there doesn't work.
>>>2) The 'docs' target in the build file at the top level of Commons
>>>fails, because it's looking for ./site.vsl, which doesn't appear
>>>anywhere in the jakarta-commons repo. Also, just looking at the build
>>>file, it references ../../anakia-project.xml, while that file seems to
>>>be present as ./anakia-project.xml.
>>>Someone must know how this is supposed to work, since I see that the
>>>entries for Email and Transaction now show up in the right place. Can
>>>someone enlighten me as to the correct process (and let me know which
>>>of the two approaches above are supposed to work, if any, so that I
>>>can try to fix them or remove them)?
>>>Martin Cooper
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Mark Diggory
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