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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: Bug report normalization
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:02:34 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:

> I'm sure this has done wonders for the utility of the mailing list archives...

I'm not trying to justify myself but the mail archives are already 
spammed by the CVS commits and the GUMP reports... Reading the archive 
is definitely not the best way to follow the discussions on the list for 
an external user.

> If you really had to do this, it would have been a much better idea to
> request that the mailer for Bugzilla changes was turned off while you
> did it. 

Good idea but this would have affected the other Apache projects using 
Bugzilla. Maybe deleting the "assign to" field for the jakarta commons 
bugs only before the changes and restoring it after would have worked.

> Who knows how many poor individuals have been spammed with
> off-list notifications just because they were kind enough to submit
> bug reports?
> Worse is the fact that these changes do nothing to solve the problem
> going forward. Most people will still submit bug reports without the
> component in the subject. The real solution would be to modify the
> template used for sending out the messages in the first place, so that
> the component name is included. Of course, if we do this now, the
> component name would be included in the subject twice...

Good point, maybe we could update the jakarta bug page 
( or put a similar page at the 
jakarta-commons level explaining the prefered form for bug reports 
(component name in brackets, test case appreciated, etc...)

Emmanuel Bourg

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