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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [email] Steps prior to graduating from Sandbox
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 02:10:24 GMT
Eric Pugh wrote:
> Alright, well, definitly based on that, we will keep the ant script.
> However, it seems like we are constantly stumbling over Ant scripts not up
> to date for Maven oriented projects.
> I recall a couple times that the ant script for [configuration] didn't work.
> I believe you may even have had fixed it a couple times?
> At any rate, it seems like if Gump uses Maven, and the developers use Maven,
> then the build tool should be an optional thing.

The problem is that users who are not active developers on the project may 
  want to build from source and may want to use Ant to do it. Keeping a 
working Ant build.xml makes it easier for the many users to build.

   However, I guess that is a
> conversation for commons as large.  To help faciliate promoting from
> sandbox, we can keep the ant build.   It seems like a pain though.   as not
> all the dependencies are online, we need to keep a /lib directory for non
> online resources  althogh, on second thought, having a /lib with the
> javamail jars might be nice?

Or include ant build properties indicating where the needed jars are. I 
wouldn't see this as any more onerous than having to hack the local maven 
repo and would prefer this over putting jars in cvs.


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