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From Ulrich Nicolas Lissé <>
Subject [JXPath][PATCH] Wrong default namespace handling
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 17:00:40 GMT

indicates that this issue has been fixed, there still remains a problem 
with DOMNodePointer.asPath(), at least when using a namespace 
declaration like <... xmlns="" .../>.

I attached a test illustrating the wrong behaviour as well as a patch 
for The patch simply lets 
DOMNodePointer.getNamespaceURI(Node) return <null> instead of "" for an 
empty default namespace. All tests run green after applying the patch.

I'm currently updating Chiba to use JXPath 1.2 in order to provide full 
namespace support for XForms instance data, but the issue described 
above is a showstopper, since Chiba depends on Pointer.asPath() to work 
correctly. So I'd appreciate you to apply the patch to CVS HEAD as soon 
as you have verified it. TIA.

Regards, Uli.
Ulrich Nicolas Lissé
Chiba Admin

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