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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject Re: [email] batch sending (was Re: [email] Exceptions)
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 16:39:18 GMT
I'll think about it some more.. I like the idea of an examples area. 

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 10:28:51 -0600, Joe Germuska <> wrote:
> >But only having a send method in the email class could fall short of
> >making the mail api easier to use. As the requirement for bulk emails
> >is a common one, shouldn't there be a way to do this under commons
> >email?
> All I'm saying is that all the requirements I've had for bulk emails
> (and I've had a few such projects) have required more than I think is
> fitting for commons-email.  I've never had a need to send exactly the
> same message to a list of addresses in a way which wasn't better
> handled either by including the list of addresses on a single message
> or by using an external mailing list management system.  If I were a
> mail server admin, I'd rather have you send a single message with a
> long recipient list (in the BCC if necessary) than send identical
> copies of the same message over and over again.
> I also think that no matter how self-evident you feel the handling
> for logging and reporting are, these will be things on which other
> people have other opinions.  This may be a better candidate for
> sample code, either in an "examples" area of CVS, in the xdocs, or in
> the Wiki.  Ultimately, I probably wouldn't veto something like this,
> but I don't think it's extremely compelling either.
> Joe
> --
> Joe Germuska
> "Narrow minds are weapons made for mass destruction"  -The Ex

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