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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Migrate to SVN?
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:37:42 GMT
It gave me pain; as has installing an svn server, client, Subclipse
(Eclipse plugin), tagging in svn and generally maintaining the Berkley
DB (it can get corrupted).

The ASF though has much more experience with the svn server-side; so
the only ones that would really worry me are installing a client,
Subclipse and tagging.

Once I figured it out, the client installed on Linux okay. On Windows
it's a doddle, and on the Mac you do it the same way as on Linux; the
fink install was crappy. It might be usable now, or maybe there's a
Mac package for it.

I've not heard that IDE plugins are any better, but I don't use them
so it's not a biggy for me.

The more painful tagging in svn is made up for by the advantages of
svn, so I'm happy to embrace it.


On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 21:18:28 +0100, Paul Libbrecht <> wrote:
> Now, for this cvs-to-svn (whichever its name is) should be working well.
> The only experience I had were pretty dark.
> If someone else manages this well, I'd be happy to switch to svn as a
> developer. I am using this myself already much.
> Has anyone experienced maven's svn support ?
> paul
> Le 25 nov. 04, à 21:04, Henri Yandell a écrit :
> > One thing to work out with Commons is whether we should move the whole
> > lot in one go; should do commons-proper then sandbox later; or do
> > individual components one at a time as it fits their release cycles
> > etc.
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