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Subject [Jakarta Commons Wiki] Updated: JakartaCommonsResources
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 07:06:38 GMT
   Date: 2004-11-11T23:06:38
   Editor: HenriYandell <>
   Wiki: Jakarta Commons Wiki
   Page: JakartaCommonsResources

   Updated, also with my personal opinions; clearly separated.

Change Log:

@@ -1,8 +1,35 @@
+= Resources for Jakarta Commons =
+== Articles ==
 A very useful summary of articles and resources available for Jakarta Commons may be found
at [ Java201].
-There are currently 4 known books on Jakarta Commons. In order of publication:
+== Books ==
+There are currently 5 known books on Jakarta Commons. In order of publication:
  * [ Applied Software Engineering Using
Apache Jakarta Commons] by Christian Gross (2003-11), Charles River Media.
- * [ Pro Jakarta Commons] by Harshard Oak
(2004-03), Apress.
- * [ Jakarta Commons Live] by Jonathan Lehr
(coming soon), SourceBeat.
+ * [ Pro Jakarta Commons] by Harshad Oak (2004-03),
  * [ Jakarta Commons Cookbook] by Tim O'Brien
(2004-11 est), O'Reilly.
+ * [ Jakarta Commons Live] by Jonathan Lehr
(coming soon), SourceBeat.
+ * [ Jakarta Commons in Action] by Vikram Goyal (coming soon), Manning.
+An important part of the books and articles from the community's point of view, is which
versions of the components they cover. Hopefully we can outline these here.
+== Opinion of HenriYandell ==
+As a fervent buyer of technical books, especially open-source ones, I have a lot of opinions
when it comes down to these books. Take the following with a grain of salt, especially as
they are based on memory and personal view:
+ * Christian's book is not solely focused on Commons, but is instead about programming in
general, with Commons as a focused set of examples. This book came out quietly and seems academic
in nature; useful for teaching a class I'd suspect.
+ * Harshad's book was the first out that I would consider a real Commons book. I was one
of the technical reviewers, and so a large pinch of salt should apply here. I think the book
is very good for anyone with little Commons experience, with nice examples and a good wide
coverage of Commons components. 
+ * I'm drooling at the thought of Tim's book. The Commons and Cookbook concepts suit each
other very well and I think this is a possible classic. Very well suited to any fans of the
Perl Cookbook or people with some experience of Commons already I am going to guess (I've
not seen any form of the text for this yet).
+ * I've never read a SourceBeat book, so have little clue on Jonathan's text. It's been coming-soon
for almost a year now it seems though, which has been dissapointing. The blog is interesting,
and suggests Jonathan will be focusing on a smaller set of components than I would expect.
One advantage of the SourceBeat approach is that we're promised updates to the text on a subscription
model. So when released, it should stay more up to date on versions of the components than
other books.
+ * Vikram's series of articles at were probably the first piece of text on Commons
as a whole to be published. His forthcoming book will join Harshad's as a standard style text
on Commons. I've draft-reviewed this one too, so more salt. 
+So in summary:
+ * Christan's: Teachers.
+ * Harshad's: Relative newbies to Java.
+ * Tim's: Current users of Commons.
+ * Jonathan's: Subscription model.
+ * Vikram's: Experienced Java developers.
+(/End of Opinion)

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