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From "Matt Sgarlata" <>
Subject Re: [convert] a different approach...
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 06:54:31 GMT
> make sure you add a link to the wiki so everyone can find morph :)

Done to the best of my ability.  I apologize in advance if I abused the Wiki 
in any way!

> i don't see any real harm announcing releases and stuff on the mailing 
> lists though it'd probably be wiser not to phrase any posts so as not 
> raise the temperature unnecessary. (it's a temptation when you're the new 
> project on the block to push general claims of superiority but often it's 
> better to focus on individuality: what the project does better)

Thanks for the pointers and the invitation to post release notices :)  I'm 
hoping for a 0.3 release this weekend that will have a revised API.

> JSTL (see EL), JEXL, XPath, velocity, jelly (and many, many more projects) 
> all contain bean query languages. there are a lot of different approaches. 
> one of the real pains with beanutils is that the  bean query language is 
> deeply embedded in the component and cannot be easily changed. it became 
> clear whilst working on beanutils that really one bean query language (no 
> matter how good) really isn't suitable for all use cases.
> the key is getting the right level of abstraction for the bean query 
> language: close enough to take advantage of features in the introspection 
> layer but abstract enough to allow radically different query languages to 
> be used.

I'll try to keep this advice in mind, and I will definitely seek your advice 
once I have thought this through some more.  Thanks again for your help!

> - robert


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