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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [convert] Type Conversion Library
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 22:46:23 GMT
This is a legal question, and most of us aren't very good at those ;-(

I believe that if your new work is derived directly from the original source
you gave to the ASF, and is not derived from any later additions made whilst
part of [convert], then the code is still just yours to do as your wish. But


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From: "Ron Blaschke" <>
> Some time ago, I came to this group with a proposal for a generic type
> conversion library.  As a refresher, it is a graph based solution,
> where you just drop in your converters and the library will try to
> figure out a possible path.
> Some example conversions that are working include
>   - String -> Integer (via String -> Long -> Integer path)
>   - u[] -> v[], given the library knows how to convert u -> v (eg, you
>   can simple say
> final byte[] bytes = converter.convert(new int[]{1,2,3},
>   - u[] -> List<u>, given the library knows how to convert u -> v
> The library's primary goal is to be generic.  Quite useful for rapid
> prototyping, or generic conversion (when you don't quite know the input
> or output type).
> Since you guys weren't too eager on my initial proposal, I don't
> expect that you are now - which is ok, really.
> But the library may or may not contain thoughts from our initial
> discussion, so I'd like to make sure that it is ok that I publish the
> library at my discretion.
> Thanks,
> Ron
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