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From "Matt Sgarlata" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Chain 1.0
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 18:46:28 GMT
Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback.  Sounds like my ideas for a different 
Context are an enhancement request for Chain 1.1 or Chain 2.0.

As for the Context vs. Map issue, I think the approach I'll take in the 
Morph framework is to have the DelegatingContext class implement Map.  That 
way, in most situations the Map interface will be very easily accessible. 
Also, to create a new Context implementation, only the methods defined in 
the BeanReflector interface will have to be implemented, which is a lot 
easier than implementing the entire Map contract.

Just to give you an idea how easy the BeanReflector interface is to 
implement, the entire implementation is only 45 lines for a reflector that 
exposes HTTP request parameters.  That's in contrast to 121 lines in 
org.apache.commons.chain.web.servlet.ServletParamMap.  (Note, these counts 
start at the line of code that contains the opening brace for the class... 
for example, at the line 'final class ServletParamMap implements Map {')

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Subject: RE: [VOTE] Release Chain 1.0


>  [ X ] +1  I support this release and am willing to help
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>  [ ] -1  I do not support this release, and here are my reasons

The design discussions have merit, but they should be deferred to
version 1.1 or later, and should not hold up the 1.0 release.


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