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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject [Validator] Next Release
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 17:12:20 GMT
I decided to have a go a resolving a couple of Struts bugs to do with
bundles/resources and validator:

Currently theres an inconsitency in how Struts handles bundles since
although the validator dtd allows users to specify alternative bundles -
Struts completely ignores them. Seems to me this is a big weakness in how
handles Strut's bundles if validator can't take acount of them.

Specifically Struts ignores the following validator DTD attributes:
    *    the msg elements 'bundle' attribute
    *    the msg elements 'resource' attribute
    *    the arg elements 'bundle' attribute

Fixing Struts required a couple of small changes to Commons Validator, which
I've just done - it was already subject to the following outstanding
bugzilla request:

In order to now fix Struts there needs to be a release of Commons Validator
with this change in and I'm wondering about the following:

1) Version 1.1.4 or Version 1.2.0
I wan't sure what the difference between the whats in the HEAD (Version
1.2.0) and the VALIDATOR_1_1_2_BRANCH (Version 1.1.3) - but from a quick
scan a summary of the differences is:

    *    Form Inheritance functionality (new extends attribute)
    *    Loads of deprecations removed (including arg0 to arg3)
    *    A number of minor bug fixes

I guess it would be good to have only one branch and release Version 1.2.0
but I'm wondering whether the Form Inheritance is fully tested and working
and also, given all the deprecations removed, whether it might be better
(upgrade wise for the users) to release Version 1.1.4 from the

2) Arg's Position Parameter - Bug 31194
While doing this stuff on validator I came across the following enhancement

It looked like a good idea and I've attached a patch for review which
implements this request. Personally, if the decision is to go with a Version
1.2.0 release - I wouldn't want to upgrade to 1.2.0 without this enhancement
being applied - when replacing arg0 - arg3 I could get away with not having
to add a position attribute if this enhacement was done.

The easiest route - Struts wise is to go the Version 1.1.4 route. It would
mean zero impact on the users, except having to drop the new jar in.
Validator wise, we should probably get the Version 1.2.0 out of the door and
just support one version.

I'd rather go the 1.1.4 route but I'd appreciate hearing what others think.


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