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From "James Mitchell" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Promote Resources to Commons Proper
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 15:11:21 GMT
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From: "Stephen Colebourne" <>
To: "Jakarta Commons Developers List" <>
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 8:09 AM
Subject: Re: [VOTE] Promote Resources to Commons Proper

> -0
> I haven't been involved with this project at all,
> however I haven't had any impression of there being an
> active community working with the component.

Well, that's because this effort is mostly complete.  Trust me, activity 
level will explode as soon as resources becomes a core dependency in Struts. 
We are almost there.  I have already begun work on a plugin that let's 
people use the existing commons-resources with previous Struts versions 1.1 
and 1.2.x as well as several DBMS-based impls hosted on due to 
licensing (and now, build) issues.

> In fact, I can't remember seeing any emails about [resources]
> except for lots of failed gump reports (which
> indicates a lack of maintainance to me).

No, actually the failed gump reports were due to the fact that someone 
changed something in the gump environment that this project depended on, but 
was either unaware or unconcerned enough to realize they broke it.  I'm 
talking about the dependency on an iBatis jar that was moved or deleted. 
So, since noone answered my plea for help, I removed the files that needed 
them and I will release them separately under (as mentioned above). 
After doing that, gump stopped puking to the list.

I am aware of what gump is and why we use it.   But the 2 main build 
processes I happen to care about are Ant and Maven.  Commons Resources has 
always built fine with both, and the fairly complete tests always pass 
without issue.  Sorry if this seems like a rant, but I am actually more 
pissed off at myself for being helpless when it comes to gump than I am 
about someone affecting the build.

> If I get time, I may research to see if my memory is
> accurate, because if so I may change my vote to -1.
> Perhaps you could clarify who the users of this are,
> and why now is the time to promote it?

Right at this moment, there is a very small user base.  However, if you 
consider the thousands of existing and future users of Apache Struts as a 
good number, then you might change your mind about that -1.

Commons Resources is slated (and has been for quite some time) to be used by 
Struts just as digester, logging, beanutils, etc are now.  The home page for 
resources should have spelled that out for you.

> Stephen

James Mitchell
Software Engineer / Open Source Evangelist
EdgeTech, Inc.
AIM: jmitchtx

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