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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: [feedparser] Getting Brad Neuberg CVS commit
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 01:25:52 GMT
On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 17:14:33 -0700, Kevin A. Burton
<> wrote:
> Brad is working full time on feedparser and you're essentially telling
> him he can't get CVS access until its 1.0. How are we supposed to GET it
> to 1.0 it he can't get CVS access?

That's certainly not clear from the email history.  For example, you
could help this cause a lot if you mentioned (in your CVS commit
messages) which one were applied because Brad did them instead of you.
 Nobody can tell that he did *any* of the work.

> Do you see the problem here?
> I think the issue is that right now for the jakarta sandbox if you give
> Brad access then you're giving him access to a number of other projects.
> He doesn't want access to other projects he just wants access to FeedParser.

The deeper issue is that you seem to expect Apache to work like
SourceForge, which it doesn't.  Committer access is earned (based on
demonstrated contributions), not requested -- and it's voted on by
other committers (in this particular case, those who commit to Jakarta
Commons projects), not granted to non-current-committers simply
because of asking.

The fact that jakarta-commons-sandbox is all under the control of a
single set of karma is an unfortunate fact of our current CVS
implementation, but it makes absolutely no difference to the case. 
Any prospective Commons committer who couldn't be trusted to play by
the rules shouldn't be a committer on *any* Apache project.  On the
other hand, granting sandbox-wide or commons-wide (which happens when
sandbox projects get promoted) karma is a key tool in increasing the
community of active developers on individual packages, because it
reduces the barrier to jump in and help.

> Kevin

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