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From Corey Scott <>
Subject Re: [email] test cases
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:13:59 GMT
Do you have anymore info on why the tests are failing?

If it the previous set of tests (before last nights updates) then it
is probably due to some validation that was missing in one of the
patches and should now be there.
Namely, throwing exceptions on bad inputs like a null message.

Other than that it I am can only think of a few places i have come accross this:
1) it may be an issue caused by the server requiring authentication
and it not being set.
2) I thought that I had some problem running the tests with maven at
one time, I never confirmed this, so this is unlikely
3) it may just be the tests that were testing the email validation and
since that was removed they are failing as SMTP servers (atleast
dumbster) is NOT throwing a messaging exception on invalid addresses I
had expected.

All that said, I have not being experiencing these troubles, I even
rechecked out the project and applied the last patch that I submitted
into a new project and it was all still ok.

I will check it out again and see what I can find.


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