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From Corey Scott <>
Subject Re: [email] Anyone interested?
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 09:57:07 GMT
I definately don't want to create a mail server :-)

Actually I was thinking of something similar to a simple set of
functions similar to the way that PHP has wrappers on the IMAP lib

Maybe James takes care of this already, I am not certain.

As to adding XML config, I am for it, but there was a recently
discussion about this and it seemed that is may not be wanted.  My
major concern with adding it would be that my first stop would be use
digester for parsing the XML file and that adds dependancies again!!

Is there anyway anyone can think of to keep the [email] project as is
(small and compact) and yet add all of these optional or nice to have
functions?  This way those that wanted the small compact version
wouldnt be burdened with all the extra dependancies and features that
they have no need for.


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