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From "Daniel Florey" <>
Subject AW: [i18n] Did I miss something?
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 22:46:52 GMT
Hi James,
Any contributions are welcome!
As I still don't get the site generated with maven completely (layout is
somehow broken and javadocs are missing) this is very high on my todo...
Maybe you can help me out?
Would be nice to get a link from the commons page to the i18n in the
sandbox. Do you know if someone can manage this (having commit access to
- In general I like the idea to read messages from properties files as this
might be very useful to migrate existing application to i18n. Even though I
like the xml-based format more as you can see which entries belong together.
- Adding icons and so on can easily be achieved by adding a new class (like
- I'll add a proposal for using localized messages for logging as I've used
this in a project using an additional Information class. This works very
nice and lets you map different error entries to different log messages
(details to debug, text to info or something like that).
- I don't know if I used logging at all but it should be no prob to switch
to log4j or commons-logging.
- I don't like digester at all as this seems to me the most confusing and
overdosed way to parse xml files. I talked to Oliver Zeigermann and we will
add xml-im-exporter to commons-sandbox as I find this the very best tool do
sax-based xml-parsing. It's ultra-simple, fast and intuitive. That's why
I've used it in many projects in the past and would be very glad to see it
here. I've worked with digester in the past but it's just too complex and
xml-im-exporter is just kicking-ass...

Warmest regards,

-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
[] Im
Auftrag von James Mitchell
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2004 15:17
An: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Betreff: [i18n] Did I miss something?

Wow, how did I miss this?  I wonder what we can do with this and
commons-resources and/or Apache Struts.

In my current gig we are using a home grown solution in combination with
ActionErrors/ActionMessages provided by Struts.  This project would have
been nice to have about 8 months ago.

My immediate needs (scratching my own itch here) would be to help provide
greater granularity for application messaging (similar to log levels) and
perhaps a jsp taglib or two to help take advantage of this in my apps (this
would probably go under Apache Struts contrib).

So, with that said, I would like to volunteer to help with this project.
Off the top of my head what I would like to do is:
a) offer the same solution with the following alternate implementations:
 - properties file based configuration (more on this later)
 - RDBMS based configuration (I've already done this in commons-resources)

b) Develop a Struts plug-in that will load and configure commons-i18n for my
Struts applications.
     (I guess I could just add this as a plug-in under struts)

c) The types of LocalizedMessages or LocalizedExceptions I can use are the
    - System error
    - Error
    - Warning
    - Alert
    - Flag
    - Info

d) I would like to add an entry like:
     <entry key="small-icon">/images/some-icon-small.jpg</entry>
   (also one for large-icon)

e) New MessageManager impl that can assemble messages based on a config file
who's entries simply point to existing i18n'd properties file(s) keys.  (I
will provide more details for this on my ShortTermPlans page

General questions:
Is there any reason you did not use commons-logging?  Can we change this to
commons since it will (by default) delegate to the appropriate logging
framework (let's eat our own dogfood)?

Any reason you are using xml-importer instead of digester?  I've read the
docs on, but the advantages still aren't clear to me (I'm guessing it
was just a personal choice made some time ago and you just stayed with it).
Can we change this to use either (or use commons-configuration)?

Have you thought about Spring integration?

James Mitchell
Software Engineer / Open Source Evangelist
EdgeTech, Inc.
AIM: jmitchtx

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