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From Brad Neuberg <>
Subject [feedparser] What I'm Working on Today
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 16:55:35 GMT
Howdy.  I've mapped out today (Thursday) to hack on the feed parser here at 
work, and just wanted to tell folks whats on my plate, rather than just 
keep it as conversations between Kevin and I.  Here is what I would like to 
achieve today:

   * Roll in unit tests for Flickr and Yahoo Groups into TestProbeLocator
   * Make Flickr support more robust (they support several different kinds 
of feeds, such as for tags, groups, etc., some which support autodiscovery 
correctly and some which don't)
   * Some of the unit tests won't run on Windows due to some file path 
expansion issues; I am going to try to fix these
   * The autodiscovery code is a bit flaky, breaking when the attributes 
are in the wrong order.  I want to fix this and improve the unit tests to 
be test more variations.

There might also be some issues with Feedster and Topix support that I will 
take a look at today and tommorrow.

Brad Neuberg,
Senior Software Engineer, Rojo Networks


Check out Rojo, an RSS and Atom news aggregator that I work on.  Visit for more info. Feel free to ask me for an invite!

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