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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [Commons websites] not updated recently
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 16:34:01 GMT
Corey Scott wrote:
> Is there a reason why a some of the commons sites have not been
> updated for a few months?  Isnt this giving people (outsiders) a false
> sense of how active/inactive the projects are?
> I thought that seeing as most sites are probably
> auto-generated/updated using maven that someone would have cron'd
> this?

I believe the last time we spoke about this topic we stumbled on the 
lack of distinction between stable and unstable documentation in maven. 
With the default maven configuration, updating the site automatically 
means publishing unstable javadoc API and documentation pages that do 
not apply to the latest release, which is confusing for users. Some 
projects likes [collections] or [digester] have hacked the publishing 
process to generate separated documentations for released API and 
developpement API, but this is not generalized yet. We just need someone 
courageous to step in and harmonize the maven configurations for all 
commons projects, or even better patch maven directly.

Emmanuel Bourg

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