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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject [FileUpload][Proposal] Switch to Sun coding guidelines
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2004 03:32:42 GMT
The original code base for FileUpload came from the Turbine project, and 
so adhered to the Turbine coding guidelines. At one point, I changed the 
code to adhere to the Sun guidelines, which resulted in a lengthy thread, 
which in turn culminated in a change to the Commons charter regarding the 
initial coding guidelines for a new component. I was also asked to change 
the code back to the Turbine guidelines at that time.

Now, however, I am proposing to change the code base again, to make the 
Sun guidelines the ones used for FileUpload. There are several reasons I 
want to do this:

* The original FileUpload developers are long gone. Almost nobody other 
than myself makes changes to the code base, and I find the Sun guidelines 
easier to work with (and use them on everything else I do at Apache and at 
my day job).

* People submitting patches against FileUpload invariably do so using the 
Sun guidelines, rather than the Turbine guidelines. This means that I have 
to go in and make changes after applying patches, to make them conform.

* The Turbine guidelines seem to change periodically. Since I am not 
involved in any way with Turbine, and none of the original FileUpload 
folks are around any more, such changes only show up when a Checkstyle 
report is run against FileUpload and shows a bunch of errors that were not 
there before.

All of these seem, to me at least, to be good reasons to change the coding 
guidelines to the Sun ones. However, rather than "just do it",which caused 
a furor last time around, I'd like to get feedback from folks here first.

So, does anyone have any objections to me making this change?

Martin Cooper

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