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From "James Mitchell" <>
Subject Re: [i18n] Did I miss something?
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 14:49:07 GMT
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Daniel Florey" <>
> Hi James,
> Any contributions are welcome!
> As I still don't get the site generated with maven completely (layout is
> somehow broken and javadocs are missing) this is very high on my todo...
> Maybe you can help me out?

Yes, I'll look at it.

> Would be nice to get a link from the commons page to the i18n in the
> sandbox. Do you know if someone can manage this (having commit access to
> commons)?

The commons sandbox has its own web page [1] that is linked to from commons


> - In general I like the idea to read messages from properties files as
> might be very useful to migrate existing application to i18n. Even though
> like the xml-based format more as you can see which entries belong
> - Adding icons and so on can easily be achieved by adding a new class
> LocalizedDescription...)
> - I'll add a proposal for using localized messages for logging as I've
> this in a project using an additional Information class. This works very
> nice and lets you map different error entries to different log messages
> (details to debug, text to info or something like that).

Sorry, I didn't mean 'for logging', I meant 'messages like logging levels'
for use in my app.  Basically, as a user goes along some task like 'create
new loan', if there any system messages, I want to show those and
(optionally) return them to the screen they were just on.  I categorize them
like "Alert", which will show (from a preformatted jsp include) a certain
icon and some text indicating that something happened - these are passed
along from the biz layer.  This technique takes me beyond simple
ActionErrors and syntax validation.

> - I don't know if I used logging at all but it should be no prob to switch
> to log4j or commons-logging.

I'll go ahead and do it unless someone beats me to it.

> - I don't like digester at all as this seems to me the most confusing and
> overdosed way to parse xml files. I talked to Oliver Zeigermann and we
> add xml-im-exporter to commons-sandbox as I find this the very best tool
> sax-based xml-parsing. It's ultra-simple, fast and intuitive. That's why
> I've used it in many projects in the past and would be very glad to see it
> here. I've worked with digester in the past but it's just too complex and
> xml-im-exporter is just kicking-ass...

I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to add digester capability.  I can
provide a way to specify the parser in the config (defaulting to
xml-im-exporter of course).  That should give us the greatest flexibility
(such as reusing with Struts' DigestingPlugin, etc)

> Warmest regards,
> Daniel

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> Von:
> []
> Auftrag von James Mitchell
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2004 15:17
> An: Jakarta Commons Developers List
> Betreff: [i18n] Did I miss something?
> Wow, how did I miss this?  I wonder what we can do with this and
> commons-resources and/or Apache Struts.
> In my current gig we are using a home grown solution in combination with
> ActionErrors/ActionMessages provided by Struts.  This project would have
> been nice to have about 8 months ago.
> My immediate needs (scratching my own itch here) would be to help provide
> greater granularity for application messaging (similar to log levels) and
> perhaps a jsp taglib or two to help take advantage of this in my apps
> would probably go under Apache Struts contrib).
> So, with that said, I would like to volunteer to help with this project.
> Off the top of my head what I would like to do is:
> a) offer the same solution with the following alternate implementations:
>  - properties file based configuration (more on this later)
>  - RDBMS based configuration (I've already done this in commons-resources)
> b) Develop a Struts plug-in that will load and configure commons-i18n for
> Struts applications.
>      (I guess I could just add this as a plug-in under struts)
> c) The types of LocalizedMessages or LocalizedExceptions I can use are the
> following:
>     - System error
>     - Error
>     - Warning
>     - Alert
>     - Flag
>     - Info
> d) I would like to add an entry like:
>      <entry key="small-icon">/images/some-icon-small.jpg</entry>
>    (also one for large-icon)
> e) New MessageManager impl that can assemble messages based on a config
> who's entries simply point to existing i18n'd properties file(s) keys.  (I
> will provide more details for this on my ShortTermPlans page
> General questions:
> Is there any reason you did not use commons-logging?  Can we change this
> commons since it will (by default) delegate to the appropriate logging
> framework (let's eat our own dogfood)?
> Any reason you are using xml-importer instead of digester?  I've read the
> docs on, but the advantages still aren't clear to me (I'm guessing
> was just a personal choice made some time ago and you just stayed with
> Can we change this to use either (or use commons-configuration)?
> Have you thought about Spring integration?
> --
> James Mitchell
> Software Engineer / Open Source Evangelist
> EdgeTech, Inc.
> 678.910.8017
> AIM: jmitchtx

James Mitchell
Software Engineer / Open Source Evangelist
EdgeTech, Inc.
AIM: jmitchtx

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