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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Moving from Bugzilla to JIRA
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 16:19:47 GMT

I'm happy to try out an upgrade to Bugzilla before I start campaigning
that Jira is sufficiently better.

Jira's Roadmap and Changelog are the two features that blow Bugzilla away
for me. Attempting to do version management in Bugzilla was so frustrating
that I simply gave up.

Jira would also allow us to administer our own components and not have to
ask infrastructure to add new version id's for component X etc.

I'm not however convinced that Jakarta Commons is a good fit for Jira. I
don't think they can handle us yet.

The following is an example of a Commons like project in Jira. I encourage
anyone who's not used Jira to go have a look at this link and get a feel
for how easy it is to use, compared to the mess that is our bugzilla

As I have modelled each Commons-like component as a Component in Jira,
it's hard to know how many there actually are. You also can't have
separate versions for different components.

Jira only have a two level project system. Project + Component, and
Components are just a marker, so it's far too limited. I think Bugzilla is
the same. We really need something in which Components are just projects
within a larger projects.


On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

> I prefer to stick with Bugzilla, for ethical and technical reasons.
> Bugzilla is good enough for my needs, I prefer to promote an open source
> product, and an upgrade of the version currently deployed on Nagoya is
> planned sooner or later.
> -1 on migrating [configuration] to JIRA.
> Emmanuel Bourg
> Dion Gillard wrote:
> > I've found out that the JIRA import process from Bugzilla can only
> > import a whole project, and not components, and hence all of
> > jakarta-commons has to go together.
> >
> > Does anyone still want to stay on Bugzilla?
> >
> > Do we need a vote for this?
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