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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Is there a different list for the sandbox projects?
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 17:48:04 GMT
Andy Lewis wrote:

> I have been subscribed here for a bit now, particularly looking for 
> traffic relating to the VFS project, but have not seen any. I know 
> there is some recent work going on on the project (just from CVS) but 
> have seen nothing on this list. I am hoping to be able to help with 
> it. Am I in the right place?

Yes - there is not much community driven work.
But I am still there and pick up every user request. And the bursts Gary 
talked about are those where i try to implement something completley new 
- due to the low user traffic here I try to move slowly to not run into 
a situation where VFS is completley unusable and nobody complains about, 
though I use it in our application and it still works very well.

Next thing i would like to do is to make the FileObject thread-safe 
(which again will show up as burst on the list ;-)) but this is 
something I have to plan very carefully.

And - fore sure - the documentation should be updated, but I am still in 
hope i find some native english speaker who would like to reread what i 
write - or even better - one who would like to write the documentation ;-)

However, every contribution is welcome.
What do you have in mind?


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