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From Chris Lambrou <>
Subject Re: Port commons-collections to generics under 1.5
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 00:20:09 GMT
<>Hi Michael,

 > Hello Chris,
 >I feel it would be best to implement collections + generics as a project
 >in the commonds sandbox. That way we get cvs, bugzilla, gump,
 >ibiblio/maven mirror, etc. support and lots of interested eyeballs on the
 >commons mailing list. But we would need an apache committer.

Therein lies the problem - there just hasn't been much feedback, except 
from Stephen
Colebourne, who is a committer, but doesn't really have the time right now.

 >Without an apache committer, we would probably have to go with a
 >SourceForge project and then try to migrate it back into commons at some
 >later point.

That's fine by me.  I've signed up for an account and have proposed a 
collections15 project.  Let's wait and see whether or not it gets accepted.

 >Would that have to go through the Incubator?

I'm not exactly sure about this.  In principle, yes, but the incubator 
is there for trying out new things.  Collections15 isn't exactly new.  
It's just a Java 1.5 port of an existing commons project, and it being a 
separate project is more of a practical issue.  I guess it's not really 
too important - the main thing is having a CVS repository somewhere so 
we can both work on it.

 >For what it's worth, I also want to point out the Java Generic Algorithms
 >project (LGPL), which does not have collections implementations, but does
 >have functors well covered, see

Yes, there's plenty of good stuff in there, but it's chiefly about functors, and I'm not sure
that functors belong in a collections project.  To be honest, I'm not entirely comfortable
with the current functors sub-package in collections.  IMHO, Transformers, Predicates, Closures
and Factories don't really belong in a collections project either.  They should either belong
in commons-lang, or a separate Functors based project of some description.  Still, Collections
is where they lie, so that's where they'll stay I guess.  One thing that we could do is tidy
the contents of org.apache.commons.collections(15).functors. We could refactor Transformer,
Closure, Factory and Predicate into separate sub-packages of functors, and fold some of the
more general functor ideas from the Java Generic Algorithms project into the functors base
package.  We shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves, however.  There's already plenty of
work to chew over porting the existing contents of commons-collections.


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