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From Kim van der Linde <>
Subject Re: [math] API changes for RC2
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2004 01:41:31 GMT
1) +1 (although I can see that some statistics (like PCA, factorial, 
cluster analysis and so) might end up in a multivariate package).
2) +1
3) +0 (I can see that it might be more logical to implement it after 
1.0, but them I would be in favour of dropping PNRG all together in this 
4) +1
5) neutral, I can see the rational behind it, but I also see that it is 
not the general way many packages like the java(x) core classes itself 
are made. I can see that there might be good solid reasons (which I do 
not entierly get) to do it that way despite that I personally do not 
like it. But I can live with that.


> The following changes have been suggested recently.  Before cutting 1.0 
> final, we should make sure we are all OK postponing or forgoing these:
> 1) Eliminate the univariate/multivariate distinction in the stat 
> package, because this seems confusing to some.  Change .univariate to 
> .descriptive and .multivariate to .regression
> 2) Add methods to create row or column matrices from double arrays and 
> to extract submatrices (to the interface itself, rather than adding 
> these to a utils class later)
> 3) Make the PRNG fully pluggable in the random package.
> 4) Modify Variance and StandardDeviation to compute multiple statistics 
> (with the variants being population, rather than sample statistics).
> 5) Drop the interface / implementation separation throughout the package.
> I am personally -1 on 4) and 5); -0 on 1) and 2); and +0 on 3). I voted 
> +1 on the release; however, which means that 3) is a wart that I am 
> willing to live with for 1.0.  It can be worked around now and to fix it 
> correctly will require that we define a PRNG interface and introduce 
> factories, etc.
> Mark, since you voted to reopen API discussion, can you weigh in on 
> these issues and add any others that you see as show-stoppers?
> Phil
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