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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] API changes for RC2
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2004 22:22:41 GMT
The following changes have been suggested recently.  Before cutting 1.0 
final, we should make sure we are all OK postponing or forgoing these:

1) Eliminate the univariate/multivariate distinction in the stat package, 
because this seems confusing to some.  Change .univariate to .descriptive 
and .multivariate to .regression

2) Add methods to create row or column matrices from double arrays and to 
extract submatrices (to the interface itself, rather than adding these to 
a utils class later)

3) Make the PRNG fully pluggable in the random package.

4) Modify Variance and StandardDeviation to compute multiple statistics 
(with the variants being population, rather than sample statistics).

5) Drop the interface / implementation separation throughout the package.

I am personally -1 on 4) and 5); -0 on 1) and 2); and +0 on 3). I voted +1 
on the release; however, which means that 3) is a wart that I am willing 
to live with for 1.0.  It can be worked around now and to fix it correctly 
will require that we define a PRNG interface and introduce factories, etc.

Mark, since you voted to reopen API discussion, can you weigh in on these 
issues and add any others that you see as show-stoppers?


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