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From Ben Hutchison <>
Subject Please make a RC2 release of Commons Configuration soon
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2004 09:12:49 GMT
Its has been a long while since the RC1 release of commons configuration 
and there have been some pretty significant bug fixes that Ive reported 
made since then.

Furthermore, the site is displaying docs saying they're based on the 
"Sept 24 RC2 release", but the same site says that the current release 
is RC1.

Ive got application code distributed over several machines that depends 
on fixes made since RC1. Currently Im having to build from CVS and 
manually distribute a JAR version.

Please get another release out and into Ibiblio ASAP.

Ben Hutchison

PS One of my previous issue reports was a ClassCastException caused by 
casting an object to String, which should have been String.valueOf().

I noticed the fix was made in 3 places, but is still missing on line 412 
of XMLConfiguration.

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