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From Kim van der Linde <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Math 1.0
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 02:19:01 GMT

Phil Steitz wrote:

> Kim,
> Can you be more explicit?  Most of your objections were addressed in RC1.

Some of my objections were resolved. The matrix stuff was partially 
resolved, as is the name of the regression, which is still in the wrong 
package. Furthermore, the different types of variances remains unsolved, 
as they are variant's of each other and should be in one single class. 
And I differ in the basic idea of dealing with regression types (LS, MRA 
MA). And I think the random class should be either eliminated (bad 
random) or be replaced with something more robust so that is actually 
usefull to be used for serious scientific work. Finally, I start 
doubting more and more the way most methods are implemented trough 
interfaces, which makes less and less sense to me the longer I deal with 

I think this is sufficient reason NOT to release it!

Anyway, I encounter more and more programming issues with commons.math, 
but I do not report them anymore, because I do not want to go back to 
your source code.

I recently made some changes in my Matrix class to reduce the overload 
in the methods, such as frequently calling of 
getRowDimension/getColumnDimension methods at places where shorter 
methods were available. And I probably reduce the overload even further 
by defining a rows and a columns variables were the dimensions are 
stored in immediatly, reducing the number of length calls (although I 
have not really a good feeling yet how much that will do in speed). I 
actually am contenplating to make a sister class calles MatrixArray 
which does the exact smae things, but is directly double[][] driven.

Furthermore, I have written a PCA module, which is incompatable with 
commons.math as it allows both types of variances, just as the 
variance-covariance matrix method.



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