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From "Kris Nuttycombe" <>
Subject Re: [chain] Pipeline implementation
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:16:26 GMT

Craig McClanahan wrote:

>That would be helpful -- you can send them to me (at
> offline if you want.
>One other bureaucratic detail will become important before I can
>actually commit the code, even to the sandbox -- Apache requests a
>Contributor License Agreement for contributions of significant code
>bodies (as this would be) from all the original authors.  For more
>info (and a link to the relevant documents), please see:
>In addition, the proposed code will need to have the Apache License
>(version 2) on each source file, as described on the same page.
>One other process note ... I'm halfway through an extended trip out of
>the country, and will be travelling over the weekend, so it'll likely
>be at least Monday before I can do anything concrete.

Okay, this should work out fine. I will handle adding licenses to the 
source code and getting the Contributor License Agreement put together. 
It will take me a couple of days in any case since I have some other 
things I need to attend to and I should do a little refactoring to weed 
out code that has been specific to our applications.

As an example of this, the current architecture has a simple built-in 
event notification framework for passing messages between various parts 
of the system. Do you think I should leave this in, or factor it out to 
begin with? It is useful, but there may be a good argument for making 
this an artifact of a specific implementation of the pipeline instead of 
being tightly coupled to the basic interfaces.


Kris Nuttycombe
Associate Scientist
Enterprise Data Systems Group
CIRES, National Geophysical Data Center/NOAA
(303) 497-6337

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