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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: Moving from Bugzilla to JIRA
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 22:52:26 GMT
Dion Gillard wrote:
> I've found out that the JIRA import process from Bugzilla can only
> import a whole project, and not components, and hence all of
> jakarta-commons has to go together.
> Does anyone still want to stay on Bugzilla?
> Do we need a vote for this?

I will ultimately defer to the judgment of those who have been around 
longer than me; but I have to agree with others on this thread that it is 
a shame to abandon an OSS product for a commercial alternative. Since as 
Daniel has pointed out, "the cat is out of the bag" this may be a moot 
point, but we (Apache) should think carefully about what we are doing 
here. This post -- and the entire thread -- may belong on community@. 
Sorry if it is OT, but there is a commons decision to be made here.

* OSS tools such as Ant and JUnit have become de facto standards due 
largely to their widespread use in the OS Java community. This benefits 
OSS projects as well as companies small and large who need to get project 
teams assembled quickly with minimal cost and developer training (since 
all are familiar with the tools). If we start using more commercial 
products, at least the cost advantage goes away, and likely the shared 
experience as well.  Would we abandon Ant, Maven or Junit for commercial 

* Atlassian seems like a great company with a genuine commitment to 
supporting Open Source in general and Apache in particular. Great 
companies in the software business tend to get acquired. We need to think 
about the implications of this.

* The motivation to move seems to be based largely on additional project 
management features available in Jira that are missing from Bugzilla. 
Unless we intend to use these features, there is no point in migrating. 
Therefore, migration means that we are choosing to move away from the "low 
tech" list + bug tracker + scm project management style to the model that 
Jira supports.  The Jira model looks cool to me; but we should make sure 
that we all really think that way before we decide to move.

* Since we are opening the door to commercial products, are we sure that 
Jira is the best one?  There are lots of commercial defect/task/project 
management solutions out there and I bet Atlassian is not the only company 
that would provide free licenses to Apache. Has anyone looked into this?

I am -0 to the move.  If the consensus is there, I will not stand in the 
way; but I would like to understand better why we should not be worried 
about the issues above.


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