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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Problems and shortcomings
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 15:00:28 GMT
Hi, thanks for your feedback, it definitely helps :)

Hutchison, Ben wrote:

> 1. Build file script because it uses hardcode paths "D:/.../etc/etc".
> Fix - use the basedir variable as below.

Good point I didn't pay attention to this since the build.xml file is 
automatically generated by Maven. Consider using Maven instead until 
it's fixed. I filed a bug if you want to track this issue:

> 2. XMLConfiguration fails badly with NPE if an invalid system resource
> name passed to constructor.

Loading issues have been reported with XMLConfiguration, this will be 
reworked. I filed a bug for this as well:

> 3. XMLConfiguration.addProperty(key, Object) makes improper downcast of
> Object to String.

This will be fixed soon, this issue has been already reported in Bugzilla:

> 4 XMLConfiguration.addProperty(key, Object) doesn't handle nest keys
> properly.

I'll add a test case for this, thanks for noticing it. Here is the 
related bug:

> Also, not a bug as such, but I noticed that commons configuration have
> some pretty heavy library requirements. I only use the XML
> configuration, and I found by trial and error that I didn't need more
> over half of the stated dependencies. It would be nice if the
> configuration build or distribution process could split out some of the
> extensions and their dependencies so people looing for a lightweight
> solution can us it.

You are right, and this is on my todo list :) The current dependency 
list generated by Maven isn't really helpful for end users, I plan to 
add a page specifying the core depencies and the extra dependencies 
needed for each configuration type.

Emmanuel Bourg

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