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From joÿffffe3o Paulo souza <>
Subject Re: [net] some files with wrong owner on AIX server - ftp using
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2004 12:05:14 GMT
Ok, let me explain exactly what is going on. The application that i´m using
ftp files for 3 different servers(AIX). On 2 of them it works perfectly. The file is ftp and
set with the same owner that is used to logon on the server. But on one of the servers, always
under the same directory, some files , not all, are being set with wrong owner. The consequence
is , when one of those files need to be replaced, there´s no permission because the wrong
owner don´t grant permission for that. I need to know where to focus on that. Daniel gave
me the advice to focus on AIX rather than FTP Client. But i´m not expert on AIX and i don´t
know what i can change on a FTP server on AIX .Could somebody familiar with this technology
 give me some help?

"Daniel F. Savarese" <> wrote:
>I don´t know Aix very well either. But i don´t see how a Ftp Server can cause it
> having wrong configuration if only a couple of files are being set with wrong
> owner and most of them are set correctly.It looks like a bug, some exception 
>on the system, something very hard to define.

Okay, I thought all of the files were affected. I really think this
is where asking about this commons-user may produce some results. I
really don't see how FTPClient can be the cause, but I don't know enough
about AIX to offer other possibilities. If you pursue this further on
commons-user, I'd suggest including the FTP server software name and
version. The FTP server may have an suid bug or if the files already
exist under a different owner, when they are overwritten the owner doesn't
change, maybe the server is configured to write files to certain directories
with a specific owner, etc. There are a lot of possibilities depending on
the exact symptoms you're experiencing, but all I know for sure is that
there is nothing in the FTP protocol for telling the FTP server what
owner to use when storing a file. It's all up to the FTP server, and it
usually--but not always--decides to use the FTP login name.


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