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From Al Chou <>
Subject Re: [math] API changes for RC2
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2004 23:55:16 GMT
I believe I've read all the current messages in this thread, but to keep the
body of my message concise, I'm replying to this early message from it.

--- Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> The following changes have been suggested recently.  Before cutting 1.0 
> final, we should make sure we are all OK postponing or forgoing these:
> 1) Eliminate the univariate/multivariate distinction in the stat package, 
> because this seems confusing to some.  Change .univariate to .descriptive 
> and .multivariate to .regression

+0, based on subsequent discussions in this thread.

> 2) Add methods to create row or column matrices from double arrays and to 
> extract submatrices (to the interface itself, rather than adding these to 
> a utils class later)

-1; addition of methods can wait until after 1.0.  The appearance of new, more
useful methods in an API is usually a treat to the user, and I don't see the
need for these methods being great enough to make us delay 1.0 the amount of
time it would take to conscientiously consider and then implement the proposal.

> 3) Make the PRNG fully pluggable in the random package.

-1; I feel this functionality also requires careful consider of design that
would delay 1.0 unnecessarily long.

> 4) Modify Variance and StandardDeviation to compute multiple statistics 
> (with the variants being population, rather than sample statistics).

-0; question:  do people really use the population version?  When dealing with
real-world data or any other distribution that is not known a priori, how could
you, in good conscience?  And if you know the distribution a priori, why would
you need to compute statistics about it?

> 5) Drop the interface / implementation separation throughout the package.

-1; this idiom is part and parcel of the Java language.


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