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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject [jelly] should caching be configurable ?
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2004 19:40:25 GMT

I sent recently a request so as to know wether consider jelly 
components as browser windows would make sense or not and had no real 
answer. So I'll give it a subject of the other side: in the current 
tree, the component-tag does clear its bean after having run the 

And to me this is a problem: I'd like to make a reload tag which would 
take a numeric argument, the ancestry degree, default 1. When run (in 
doTag), it should call the doTag of the given ancestor component.

I see no single memory-leak issue in jelly-swing currently: it's 
perfectly reasonable for me that tags do hold a reference to their 

Is it crazy to have an explicit method to clean-up the references? 
Something that would be triggered either explicitly (somewhat like 
"unmount()", good for use by servlets) or at GC time when, say, the 
script object gets GCed ?


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