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From Mike Stanley <>
Subject Re: [email] Please add new build to ibiblio
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 20:17:28 GMT
> I hadn't realized there was one -- do you have a pointer?  However, 
> if using that requires a dependency on Groovy, then I'd want to wait 
> until Groovy hits 1.0.  My sense is that it's still prone to a lot of 
> change.

I can't really attest to it.  But I did notice it a little while ago.  I
don't think there's a lot there, just an approach (but that template
engine abstraction is pretty straight forward).  I don't think we should
depend on groovy, I was simply suggesting approaching it a similar way. 

> Mike, do you know that your e-mail is timestamped one day ahead?  Is 
> that your way of staying on the cutting edge? ;^)

HAHA!  That's awesome.  I did not know this.  In fact, I was complaining
last night when I thought my clock was 5 minutes slow.  Turns out it was
23 hours and 55 minutes fast :-)  

Time to investigate where my NTP daemon went...

Thanks for the heads up.
- Mike

> Joe

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