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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [general] Do we need to support Ant based builds?
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2004 00:22:06 GMT
> 1) Not all Commons components are set up for Maven builds, so the
> "just a matter of" doesn't apply in all cases.
> 2) The Commons nightly builds are just one part of the wider Jakarta
> nightly build, and certainly not all Jakarta projects use Maven, or
> are likely to do so any time soon.

Yes, I understand that. Sorry, I thought this discussion was in the context of
Maven builds in commons at the moment.

> 3) To answer the last question above - yes, we want nightly builds. I
> don't think we want to load up the Apache infrastructure with
> continuous commit-triggered builds for all of the Jakarta projects, or
> even just for Commons components. Having a nightly build gives us a
> predictable load at a known time.

Absolutely. I actually meant that it might be better to run nightly builds that
only build if the project has changed. This avoids unnecessary load, disk usage
and mirror syncing (if indeed the nightlies are mirrored) for projects that are
inactive or less active (there are a lot of commons projects and very few if any
get daily changes).


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