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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [collections] Port to generics under 1.5
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 22:27:46 GMT
From: "Chris Lambrou" <>
>  From previous discussions on this subject, the general concensus seems
> to be that we should start a new project, [collections15],

> Should we aim to
> ultimately develop the two in parallel, just try to keep the public APIs
> similar (they can't be kept identical - see MultiMap below) or allow the
> two projects to drift off in different directions over time?
> Furthermore, if the codebases do remain very similar, what's the best
> way to handle the tracking of bugs which affect both projects?
I would hope they would be similar in terms of API, however there will be
differences. Errors in [collections] should not be replicated, nor for
example should the Buffer API, as it is replaced by Queue in JDK1.5.

> Most of the interfaces defined in [collections] can be trivially adapted
> to generics. The only exception is MultiMap.
> 3. V get(K key) should return the latest value to be mapped against the
> specified key.
This is the nicest option of those presented. You may also want to search
the archives/bugzilla, as there have been requests to add methods to
MultiMap, which could be done at this point.

> Also, on a more practical level, since I'm new to the Apache development
> scene, I obviously can't setup a project or commit any code. What's the
> best way to get things started?
Firstly, thanks for offering to help. Do you have other OSS experience to
build on here?

My difficulty is that I can't realistically commit my time to watch every
commit as I'm stretched elsewhere. That said, I will try and provide advice
when I can.

I believe that there may be other apache committers willing to help with
this task. Hopefully they will reply here, otherwise we may have to ping the
jakarta-general list.

One possible solution may be to develop the code at sourceforge, and then
bring it back here, but that does feel rather stupid. Another solution is to
vote you in as a committer, but I think we would want a current committer
willing to take a role alongside you to help review code and so on. Lets see
who else replies....


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