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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [lang] Release 2.1 (1)
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 06:51:16 GMT

I just committed an implementation for DurationFormatUtils.

My target is to keep it at a stupid level. We should have a comment
directing people to JODA for more complicated or detailed needs.

There are two decisions I've made which are probably bad. A year is 365
days (and ignores the leap stuff) and a month is a year / 12. I've no idea
what the ISO concept is for durations for these periods. Probably it means
dealing with real dates and not milliseconds, so beyond the scope of Lang.

Next step for me is to add unit tests for the new underlying format
method. I reimplemented the existing methods in terms of it, so used their
tests to drive me.

Most of the new parts aren't public, so I haven't javadoc'd those parts
yet. I have switched DurationFormatUtils to being a public class however.


(mental note for self..move the token-values into the Token class. Too
late to do it right now)

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Stephen Colebourne wrote:

> From: "Henri Yandell" <>
> > Saturday for me is to work on DurationFormat and try and steal enough from
> > JODA and figure out exactly what is needed to finish it off. I'm mainly
> > viewing that it needs a pattern language; "hh:mm:ss" etc.
> I'm still working on getting the joda version working fully, and its very
> big and complex. So, DurationFormatUtils may be quite a big task.
> Do we have a jdiff of all the methods added/removed in this release?
> Stephen
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