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From Kim van der Linde <>
Subject [MATH] Matrix indices
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 22:55:23 GMT
Hi All,

I ran into a problem with the RealMatrixImpl class. The class is 
designed such that it uses the default 1 to n counting for the rows and 
columns. However, JAVA has as a default the 0 tot n-1 system. i now run 
into the problem that some standard methods return an array of n (0 tot 
n-1) while the methods require n+1 cells. I could of course write a 
method to create a n+1 array, but I do not see much problems with using 
the 0 to n-1 system of Java for the matrices. However, I could be 
completly wrong. BTW, I saw that the JAMA packages uses the underlying 
JAVA indexes, not the 1 to n system.

I have no problem changing all the methods if you all agree that we 
should change it....



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