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From Nigel Rantor <>
Subject [daemon] non-root user cannot start service on unix?
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 11:03:46 GMT

Hi all,

Using the daemon/jsvc combo I can't seem to start a daemon as a user 
other than root.

The process dies in set_caps which is the code path it goes through if 
the jsvc binary is compiled on Linux and uses the linux capabilities 
interface to do it's thang.

I am just wondering if this is the goal or not? Should I be able to run 
a daemon as another user? For a production system it won't matter since 
I will want the servers to eb started from init scripts anyway and can 
pass the --user arg to the jsvc program.

For development however I don't want to have to run these things as 
root. Additionally some developers may not have the option of running 
things as root on their systems.

So, I guess I'm asking should I be able to run jsvc as non-root or not?



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