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From Rolf Moser <>
Subject [DBUtils] Oracle 9.2.0 JDBC Timestamp Problem
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 17:51:53 GMT

I just run into a Timestamp problem with the Oracle 9i (9.2.0) JDBC Driver
When calling rs.getObject(index) on a DB field, defined as Timestamp(6), 
the resulting object is a oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP and not a 
java.sql.Timestamp as with other JDBC Drivers. This leads to a null 
value propagation if your Bean Property is defined as java.sql.Timestamp.

If calling rs.getTimestamp(index), Oracle correctly converts the 
resulting value to a java.sql.Timestamp object.

I looked at the current source and added the following statement to the 
BeanProcessor processColumn Method as a workaround:

} else if(propType.equals(Timestamp.class)) {
        return rs.getTimestamp(index);

This ensures that for a Bean property of type java.sql.Timestamp the 
getTimestamp() method is called.
Otherwise the default getObject() mehod is called, so there souldn't be 
a problem if someone wants the Oracle enhanced oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP object.


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