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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Filtering by subcommunity Was: Re: [all] Math needs a "user" & a "dev" email list.
Date Sat, 14 Aug 2004 10:45:24 GMT
Kim van der Linde wrote:
> I think I am a typical math only user and developer
> and I just joined the e-mail lists. The last days, I
> seriously contemplated on leaving both lists because
> of the use amout of completly irrelevant bullshit that
> passes by every morning and during the day on my
> computer. I have better things to do. I still give it
> a few days, basically to find out whether people are
> good enough to put [math] in the header always. If so,
> I can filter, but my experience with other mailing
> lists is that people forget sometimes....

I have experimented with a combination of procmail and
bogofilter (basically the same a spam filtering) in order
to improve automatic classification, with encouraging
results. There are further ideas yet to be explored.

Unfortunately, this is a complex setup, not ready for
the common user. Better mailing list subscriber support
including automatic filtering for lists covering
multiple topics of interests really needs to be build
into the mail client. So much to do ...


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