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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [all] Math needs a "user" email list.
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:08:57 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:

>Some questions:
>Have you had examples of people not being able to get involved due to the
>commons-user list's noise?
Not substantially thus-far, but I do see it as hindering this niche of 
users which we really need to attract. An I cringe everytime I recommend 
to a university professor / grad student to join the commons lists to 
discuss math algorithm/stability issues.

>Just how much [math] noise is there on commons-user already? I know that I
>split commons-dev's math into its own folder, but it seems pretty quiet
>nowadays, and I don't see that much conversation happening on
>commons-user. I ask this because this was the reason for
>commons-httpclient going to its own list.
Again, not much, but I think this because they are probibly are not 
interested in a list for the commons in general. Its not so much the 
math noise on the commons list as it is the other way around.

>Any thoughts on Jakarta Math or Apache Math rather than Commons Math? It's
>obviously a subject that can grow way beyond Jakarta Commons and are you
>feeling like this is a direction things are heading? Has there been any
>interest from other language users?
To this point, its unclear where we would draw a boundary between 
Commons Math and "Jakarta/Apache Math" I'm not convinced things have 
grown enough to require this. But, I do see this being the future direction.

>Generally I'm +0 to commons-math-user existing. It's not bothering me, but
>if it'll help, why not?
Would it be wise to establish a Jakarta Math project outside of commons 
to support these sort of listserv interactions with users, even though 
its unclear what code would be housed there? Or should we only start a 
parent project if we have non-commons specific code to add to it and 
just creat a email list specific for math users? I'm not sure what would 
be the best approach.


>On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Mark R. Diggory wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>After some thought, I've come to the conclusion that Commons should
>>setup a separate user lists for the Math group. While I am in agreement
>>that the Commons is best served by sharing a "Development" list, I've
>>come to the conclusion that it is not best served when it comes to
>>"User" lists. Take the following example for instance:
>>The Math group attracts both external user/developers who specifically
>>are Mathematicians/Statisticians. This external group is a specialized
>>niche of individuals who are interested solely in how the math project
>>can benefit them. They are interested in how the algorithms are
>>implemented and the stability of those algorithms. This means that they
>>are not going to want to participate in the list if they are flooded
>>with emails about every other subproject in the commons, they are not
>>going to want to have to deal with filtering the emails coming to the
>>list and some may not be very knowledgeable in this area either. These
>>are individuals who want to track the status of the Math project only,
>>interacting to provide better algorithms and approaches, a subject
>>matter which users of other commons components may not have an interest
>>in, so flooding the commons user list with these discussion wouldn't be
>>beneficial either.
>>Assuming the lowest common denominator of "filter your messages or go
>>away" is not a positive stance to take when it comes to users, users
>>with which an "Open Source Project" needs to maximize its involvement
>>with. I think we would like to setup a separate email list for the math
>>project with the focus being it only is a user list oriented toward
>>discussion on how to use the math library and recommendations for
>>algorithm improvement.
>>With this in mind, I recommend that math be able to establish a user
>>list for users to discuss these sort of math issues.
>>Mark R. Diggory
>>Software Developer
>>Harvard MIT Data Center
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Mark R. Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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