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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject Re: [Validator] Completing the 1.1.3 GA release
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 04:40:23 GMT

On Sun, 15 Aug 2004, Martin Cooper wrote:

> We voted on this a while back, and the outcome was positive. As far as I'm 
> aware, all that needs to happen to complete the process is:
> * Notify the PMC of the successful vote.


> * Move the release to the mirror location.

I've copied the release for now, and updated the 'current' links. I'll 
replace the non-mirrored files with symlinks for a while, and then remove 
those shortly after the announcement is out.

I noticed that we don't seem to have a Release Notes file for 1.1.3 as we 
did for 1.0.2, so the release notes on the site are still the old ones. If 
someone would like to come up with a Release Notes file for 1.1.3, please 
let me know. Otherwise, I'll need to remove the old one.

Also, I could have sworn I signed the 1.1.3 files for Ted at one point, 
but I can't seem to locate those sig files. I can regenerate them if 
necessary, but if anyone knows where the original ones are, that would 
save me some time. ;-)

Martin Cooper

> * Announce the new release.
> Anything else that we need to do, or should I just start doing this?
> --
> Martin Cooper
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