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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [NET] [PATCH] FTPClient to work with FTP servers using a Japanese locale. [UPDATE]
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 01:49:33 GMT
On Wednesday 18 August 2004 1:14 am, Leif Mortenson wrote:

Leif, could I possibly trouble you to submit your patch as an attached file 
rather than inline in the email?  I've grown a bit lazy and Eclipse doesn't 
like the snippets I try to patch in via the clipboard.


> Doing some testing with other Japanese FTP servers, I found that I was
> correct
> about there being lurking problems with character encodings. The FTPClient
> does provide a method to set the control encoding: setControlEncoding().
> But that encoding was not being used in a lot of places.
> I had to add a couple new methods to handle encoding, but all existing
> public
> methods were left unchanged and function the same as they did before.
> I went through and made several more changes to make use of the configured
> control encoding.
> In addition, I also modified the regex that I posted yesterday so that
> it should
> now work with languages other Japanese. I have not tested other languages,
> but any that place a month, day, or year unit after a numerical data
> element should now work correctly. Other languages that use non-english
> month abbreviations will still not work.
> In addition, if the user specified an invalid control encoding when used
> with the
> Ant task, it was kicking out some some nasty NPEs because the ant task
> always
> tries to log off. That could be viewed as a problem with the Ant task,
> but I made
> the FTP class handle this case more gracefully.
> The problem is that the isConnected method returns true when the socket has
> been opened, but the protocol is not yet all the way initialized. The
> logout and disconnect methods now handle these cases correctly.
> The new patch which also includes yesterday's changes follows at the end of
> this mail.
> Cheers,
> Leif

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