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Subject Re: [all] Math needs a "user" email list.
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 23:10:51 GMT
Has anyone given any thought about using resources outside Apache for
these mathematical discussions?

There are well established communities that discuss math, stats,
numerical analysis and the like via USENET newsgroups.  As a start,
would it be beneficial for the [math] committers and contributors to
spend time on those lists discussing issues, promoting [math], and
building a user base?  Just a thought.

Mark mentioned we have a couple people posting on the users list.  Has
anyone asked them how difficult it is to use and filter the mailing
list?  Do they see the multi-topic list as a burden?

> I would suggest that your argument is more for Apache Math than for a
> new
> mailing list. (Note Apache Math, not Jakarta Math)

I was originally opposed to something like this, but I do see some
benefit to establishing a TLP for math.  I still would like to get a
stake in the ground with a release before making such a move.

> For me, [math] goes beyond the role of a simple library of common
> Instead it presents a wealth of detailed mathematical code. The user
> of the
> library needs some mathematical knowledge to get the best from the
> library.
> Related to this is that the developers and advisors will be drawn
> a
> different (less java/programmer centric position).

Agreed.  That's why I brought up the newsgroups.  On those there are
already a host of great minds that we could collaborate with.  No need
to 'recruit' people to join our community.

Brent Worden

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