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From Marc Jambert <>
Subject [Collections] PB with LRUMap serialization
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 08:23:27 GMT
Hi all

I have met a strange problem while serializing/deserializing LRUMaps.

I am performing the following operations in my code:
1) If serialized file exists, deserialize LRUMap
2) Fill LRUMap
3) Serialize LRUMap to file

I run my program several times, and the memory is growing over and over
at each run ! After 10 runs the deserialization of a file of 1850 bytes
ends up in taking 300megs in memory. The strange thing is that :

* The number of entries is the same each time
* The size of the file cache on disk is always the same (though the file
is modified)

I replaced the LRUMap with a classical HashMap and do not have any
memory problem.

Any clue ? Is there some kind of memory leak ? 


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