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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Issue Building and Running sandbox-email
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 15:09:46 GMT

I haven't worked with the commons-email stuff lately...  but, with 
Maven, you shouldn't change project.xml to use different 
dependencies; you should instead define Maven properties directing 
Maven to use different dependencies.  That way you don't worry about 
project.xml getting out of sync with CVS, or having merge conflicts 
when you update, etc.  The best is usually to put these in a 
"" file either in the project directory or in your 
home directory, depending on whether you want them shared between 
projects or not.  (In this case, you might put "override? Y/N" 
property (maven.jar.override) in the project/ but the 
specifics in ~/, assuming you want to use the same 
javamail/JAF for any projects that depend on them.)

See for details

This is totally anecdotal, but I seem to recall having some trouble 
with the embedded image stuff when I played around with it -- I 
wonder if anyone who has used it successfully can speak up?  I didn't 
do much with it, which is why I disclaim as "totally anecdotal".


Joe Germuska
"In fact, when I die, if I don't hear 'A Love Supreme,' I'll turn 
back; I'll know I'm in the wrong place."
    - Carlos Santana

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