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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] [codec] Release 1.3-RC1
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 04:58:29 GMT



No Javadoc link on the left. Becoming quite common to break that out of
the Project Reports section (especially as we in no way show that Project
Reports contains multiple entries).

Unsure if we've standardised on the Maven Feather logo or not.

Changes.xml says June 2004. (obviously something you'll update, but as
it's July I thought I'd make sure it's on your list).

Clover report is linked in. As it's the thirty day eval, it probably
should not be (I really need to get back to Cortex about that, have sat on
it for months now).

A bunch of pages, such as:

have marings. Almost definitely a Maven bug and of no huge import.

Unsure if DigestUtils() in the Javadoc wants a warning about not being
meant for construction as with other XxxUtils.

Looking at Soundex, it's always nice for the deprecations to say when
they'll go away (2.0?). Rarely think of it myself, but I like it when I
see people do it, makes life much easier as a user.

Just a few grumbles with a user hat on. Nothing of even major
importance, let alone blocking.


On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Gary Gregory wrote:

> This vote is to approve the public release of commons codec 1.3-RC1.
> This will be a publicly announced RC to enable full feedback for a final
> release in about two weeks if all is well.
> Read the Release Notes:
> Download the files:
> Preview the site:
> Thank you,
> Gary
> -------------
> [ ] +1   Go ahead and release 1.3-RC1
> [ ] +0
> [ ] -0
> [ ] -1   Don't release 1.3-RC1, because...
> -------------
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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