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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [beanutils] Summary of propsed/committed changes for Bugs
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 20:12:29 GMT
On 12 Jul 2004, at 21:56, Craig McClanahan wrote:


> Maybe, as we go towards beanification, we can establish standard 
> instances that operate in the sorts of ways that people might want for 
> particular kinds of backwards compatibility.  But we should really 
> start thinking of a 2.0 sort of jump, and establish a new default set 
> of behaviors that are internally consistent.

hi craig

i don't have enough energy left to spare for beanutils to spearhead a 
2.0 effort but i'd be willing to help out (with stuff like releases and 
so on). i really think that we owe the users a bug fix release to 
follow 1.7.0 but maybe you're right and we should think about making 
1.7.x the last series of the original beanutils.

the real question is whether there's enough energy within the beanutils 
development community to sustain a 2.0 effort. realistically, i can't 
commit to being able to spend the time required beyond delivering the 
1.7.0 and 1.7.1 releases but if you're going to be around and Niall's 
keen to get involved then i'd be willing to help to kick start the 
effort by creating the organization for the 1.7.1 release early.

BTW you might have missed the release plans on the wiki 

as far as the 1.7.0 release goes, i'd like a second opinion on the 
reorganization of those interfaces (if you can find the time).

- robert

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